10 things you need to know before starting a website / blog:

10 Things you need to know before starting a WordPress website or Blog:

In this post I will explain things you need to know before starting a WordPress website or a blog. Every beginner should know about basic things, who are thinking to start website especially every beginner these things know starting website / blog. 

things know starting website / blog or wordpress website

1.  Aim: (Things know starting website / blog)

You need to know before starting a website, why you are starting a website? What purpose does it serve? What is your aim of your website? Of course, It starts with a passion then it slowly rises up to give everything (fame and money). From the 1st day don’t concentrate on earnings. Read my experience you will know how much time it takes.

2. Website Keyword:

Website Keyword is also defined as Niche. Select  your niche depending on your interest and should have high search volume.

3. Email :

First of all before starting a website you must create a new mail ID. The mail ID is must & should include your domain name for example: [email protected] While register of domain name use this mail ID. (Don’t use your personal mail id while registering domain).  Because if you decide to sell your website to someone at that time you must give your domain registered mail ID and all website credentials to buyer, such as mail details & Hosting details.

4. Domain Name:

Register a good name for your domain. The main thing is domain name must include anyone of the best and most popular keyword and name must be a catchy. Most of successful websites are using below 10 characters as their domain names, if it’s possible try to register below 10 characters as your domain name.

Book your first domain name in godaddy.com because they are charge only 1.5$ per domain.

5. Hosting:

After registering a domain name we must have hosting. In the market so many companies are providing web hosting. Therefore, We must choose depends on traffic of website, no. of posts, uptime and customer support, etc.,

Top 10 Best and Cheapest web hosting services.

5. Logo

It is most important in now a days because it’s creating a brand. A logo is the identity of website like a flag representing it’s country. If that website gets popular the logo is remembered by everyone. Sometimes, the name of the website are duplicated like www.tutorialinfinity.com & www.tutorialinfinity.co, But people can identify the original website by acknowledging the logo.

6. Social Media:

Almost 7 billion people are daily interacting with social media. Now a day’s number of websites running from social media traffic conversation only.

So before launching a website you must create all social media profiles, pages and groups like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google plus, LinkedIn and Tumblr etc.,

Because you can reach people easily and also use them to improve search engine results & Online Reputation. Especially in the starting days of website, we don’t receive direct traffic from any search engine results. It will take some time to get ranking in Search Engines. For new bees social media is very good platform, so don’t neglect any social media sites.

I will explain clearly, each and everything about social media in my further posts.

7. Content:

” Content is backbone for any website”  Without content there is no website. If your content is good and interesting nothing can stop you. But content must be Original, SEO optimized & useful. Anyway, don’t use spinning content it’s very harmful for your site.

Before launching the website you must keep at least 10 articles for posting because after launching we have to publish at least one post per two days.

8. Images:

Images are very essential for creating a good post. Most of users are attracted because of good, quality and mostly informative images. So many sites are populated because of images such as Instagram and Piterest. If we add good image in our posts, the post looks good and attractive.

Most of the people download/copied images from Google or other sites. Not at all don’t do this. It’s very wrong and harmful for you and your site as you will face legal/copyright problems also.

If you thinking to create your own images it will take more time & must know about some about photo editing tools. For free images some beautiful websites are available. From those sites we can download and use anywhere and without any permission (without giving credit).

From where can download free and good images?

Websites to download free images:

* unsplash.com

* pixabay.com

* pexels.com

* morguefile.com

* freedigitalphotos.net

9. Videos:

Now a day’s videos are very important for engaging and increasing traffic of website.  If your post includes good videos, users will watch it and spend more time in your website that will increase the quality of your website.

Unrelated or Unnecessarily don’t add any video into post. Its makes bad impression.

Don’t add someone’s video in your website. If the video is your own then use it, otherwise leave it. We have many video platforms which are available such as YouTube, Daily Motion etc.,

This main things know starting website / blog use YouTube videos in your post by attaching source code in your post. Unnecessarily don’t add any unrelated videos in post.

10. Security:

Security is important for any type of website. Many websites are attacked by new threats or viruses (malware’s). Especially hackers try to hack websites for leakage of user’s personal information and payment information. So security of websites is necessary. 

Just concentrate on following things know starting website / blog: 

* Initially create email ids and hosting accounts etc., make strong usernames and passwords.

Especially 35% of users are using weak passwords as per Google recent reports.

For example : User Name : name1234 Password : 1234567.

Hackers can easily attack these type of credentials so type-in strong usernames and passwords.

* During installation of WordPress, it gives us the user name as admin & Password : #@%*@#!.Therefore it is a must to change the default credentials and make it strong.

* Finally don’t share personal login details to anyone.

Lastly, One more important thing is Design of website. Good design is influence on readers. Depending on your imagination design the website. 

You read this post because your thinking to start a website or blog. So these things know starting website / blog.

I hope this post helped you a lot. If you have any doubts or questions. Let me know in the comment section.

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