How to Create a Website Using WordPress For Free | Make Your Own Website

How To Create Website Using WordPress For Free | Make Your Own Website

How to Start a free website or blog with WordPress:-

Do you want to Create Website? Well, It is possible!! But, many of us are trying to start a website. May be, At this moment even you might start to think about. Where to start and how to start? If I start what will I do?Likewise, many questions will arise in your mind before you get started. Don’t worry guys I started this for you only. Just follow all the steps below to create website and if you like this, Don’t forget to share with your friends.

I will explain from the beginning.

Before starting a website you must know deeply about these things.

First of all, we need to choose a platform on which we can build a website. Mainly three major website building platforms are available.

1. WordPress

2. Drupal

3. Joomla

Choosing the right platform for designing to create website is not rocket science. It’s very easy.

Basically, most of the platforms may require knowing minimum knowledge of HTML/CSS etc.,

But, when it comes to WordPress; knowledge about coding is not essential. You can build a good website just by knowing the bare minimum on the software. Now the winner is WordPress. We choose WordPress.

For beginners, WordPress is a better choice (Why we are choosing WordPress to create website?)

WordPress gives free hosting and domain name. Free hosting is very good for beginners for practicing purposes. But, when it comes in using it as professional it’s very bad because,

* The hosting is really slow.

* Impacts website rank on Google.

* It looks unprofessional.

* Fewer features in free version of creating website

If you choose a free domain name, then WordPress add their name at the end of your domain name.

For Ex:

And it’s like you rent a website from WordPress not your own.

Spend a little money on the domain name and hosting, It’s better for your site & you have your own domain and hosting.

For Ex:


 How to Create Website for Free Using WordPress:-

Follow these below steps to make a free website:

♦   Firstly just open

♦   Then click on Get Started

♦   After that choose start with a website


create website free WordPress


♦  After that pick any theme



♦   Then it asks to enter domain name depending on your keyword/preference.

♦   For suppose, I just enter tutorialinfinity then it will show some recommendations as shown in the image.


♦   Free domains include at the end of your domain name.

♦   Here was already taken, hence it shows some other similar names, but for free it shows          I just selected the free name then its asks to choose plan shown in the image below.


♦   Just select start with free.

♦   Now you will see >Done! Thanks for waiting, we’re ready for you to get started Click on Continue.

♦   Now the basic website will open, Now we will design website as per our requirements.



WordPress gives free hosting and domain name. it’s very good for beginners for practicing purpose. But, when it comes to using it for professional or commercial purpose, it’s very bad. Because

  • The free hosting is really slow.
  • Impact website rank on Google.
  • It looks unprofessional.

I already told in the beginning, if you choose a free domain name then WordPress name gets added at the end of your domain name.

For Example:

In addition,  it’s like you are renting a website from WordPress and it is not your own.

Therefore, my suggestion is just to spend a little amount of money on the domain name and hosting, It’s better for your site & to you have your own domain and hosting. And the name looks like professional.

For Example:

Don’t choose the free platform because it’s not secure and is also very slow.

Web Hosting and Domain Name costs

Choose your domain name:

1. How to Choose a Domain name? & What kind of domain name should I choose?

♦  Must have a domain name that is easy to speak & type.

♦  Always prefer short name as your domain name.

(As per the survey most successful websites have their domain name below 10 characters)

♦  In addition, it is good to use keyword in domain name

(It will help to increase branding as well as traffic and ranking) For example, if you are an interior supply                        business so you just register as or

♦  Target area: If your business is local just include the city name in your domain name. It helps to find targeted             customers easily. Ex:

♦  Don’t use numbers and hyphens. Suppose if you use 1 as a number when people hear they don’t know what to          type (Five or 5).

♦  Must prefer .com extension because of search engine ranking and it’s familiar & easy to remember. 75%  of                websites are using .com extensions.

♦  Avoid all other extensions just go with .com, .org, .net these are most used extensions and good for SEO.


Advice: Don’t search domain names only for availability purpose as domain sites and third parties buy these new creative domain names and post them for bidding at higher rates. This may cause unavailability of your chosen domain name and you will be disappointed. We recommend you to search your new domain name only after you have decided to buy them.

In addition, there are websites to search your domain names. These websites show the availability of your domain name. And, if the domain name is not available they also show the details of the domain under whom it has been registered. One of these websites is

Suggestion: Don’t use your personal email id while registering a domain name. Because if you sell a domain to someone, at that time you must give all credentials.

For this purpose, Register your 1st domain name in because it provides cheaper price than all other registration sites.

2. Hosting

In web hosting popular platforms are  Linux, Windows, and WordPress hosting. Only Linux and WordPress platforms support PHP coding. WordPress is written using PHP coding, so only Linux and WordPress platforms are supported.

I recommend using Linux hosting because it’s cheap and best compared to WordPress hosting.

For beginners BlueHost web hosting is the better.

As per my suggestion, Bluehost is best and cheapest web hosting, not only me many of webmasters suggest BlueHost web hosting.

Why do I suggest BlueHost Plus Plan?

  • Free Domain name
  • Website Hostings – Unlimited
  • Quick Support – 24/7
  • Free Site Builder & One Click WordPress Install
  • Websites – Unlimited
  • Website Space – Unmetered
  • Bandwidth – Unmetered
  • Email Accounts – Unlimited
  • Email Storage – Unlimited


I’m also using Bluehost for my websites hosting. Basically, the cost of basic hosting is approximate $3 – 5$ per month + Free domain name. it’s 100% worth. But I personally recommend the plus plan for new bloggers because you get unlimited features with this plan and also host unlimited websites.

The Plus Plan is around $6 per month, but finally, include all it would cost around $10 per month. Firstly, start a basic plan then upgrade to plus plan whenever require.

Just check Bluehost website for plans and you get some idea on it.

Just Go to “Linux Shared hosting -> choose baby plan -> apply coupon”

Suggestion: While buying hosting, the hosting provider asks for a domain name to choose. Sometimes the hosting provider shows the higher price for that domain which you chose. It is better for you to just register a domain in some other domain registration websites like Godaddy.

There is an option given in the hosting form, about; if you have an already registered domain. Click on it.

After that just type the domain name, which you brought from the domain registration site; in the hosting site while buying hosting.

UPDATE: I made a simple guide for Bluehost users (which hosting package to choose and better & how to install WordPress).

How to Start / Create Website: The Beginner’s A-Z Guide

After registration and buying Bluehost, or any other similar web hosting, you should find  “1-click-installation” in your account control panel.

Follow below steps (These are almost similar to all web hosting companies):

  1. Firstly, Login to hosting account.
  2. Go to Control Panel.
  3. Search for softaculous, in that find WordPress or Website icon. ( or, Directly you find WordPress icon on top )
  4. Click on it, then click on install.
  5. Now it shows some options like below image.



1. Under software setup

  • In this choose protocol: It shows 4 type of protocols, i) http://   ii) http://www.   iii) https://   iv) https://www.

Just choose http:// or http://www. that depends on you. Most of the websites choose

         http://www. only, and I also suggest it.

  • Choose your domain name.
  • In Directory: For default, it shows wp but remove it, keep it empty.

2. Site Settings

  • Site Name: Mention your site name
  • Enable Multisite (WPMU): Just leave this.
  • Site Description: Write a short description about your website or write any tagline of your website.

 3. Admin Account

Admin Username, Admin Password, Admin Email: Must change these, don’t use default credentials.

4. Choose Language

  • Select Language: It’s choosing depends on your priority. Basically, most people choose the English language we all know it’s universal language.

5. Select Plugins: It is not required now, you can install all plugins while designing a website.

6. Advanced Options: Just leave this. It’s not essential.

Finally, Click on Install. Your website is installed successfully.

Log into WordPress Dashboard

Now you have to login into WordPress. Just type

Enter your Login details.

WordPress domain looks like this:



Installation And Selection Of WordPress Theme

At first glance, the software looks complicated with all its options and their functions. But, Stay calm; it’s easy to understand. Here down below, I will explain about,” How you get started with your theme”.

Themes are an important aspect in create website. Themes give appeal and attract users to your website. While create website is important but only themes can give aesthetic value to your website.

On the left side of the dashboard, move cursor on  “Appearance”  then click on themes.

How To Select WordPress Theme?

In fact, there are almost above 1500 free themes are available. Select your theme depends on your website requirements, look at design and features.

I suggest, you to click on popular themes then choose one of the best themes under popular themes after checking for preview and its features.

Especially, for beginners, a free theme is better if you want something special or professional and more features just you can go to or you can find many themes depends on your requirements. Pick what you like.

You should pick a theme it is responsive for all devices such as mobile, tablet, desktop, and other devices.

Just check Top 10 free best WordPress themes

How to Install Your New WordPress Theme

You will see many themes under “Appearances -> Themes -> Add New”,  just select what you like and click on install then click on active.

You can change themes many times these changes not effect on existing content, images and pages.




After installation of theme, your home page looks like a demo. Uploading logo and favicon (favicon is image appearing on top of web browser tab) is not required. You can upload it later. I will explain how to easily design logo and favicon after completed of total design.

How to create new pages and add content?

Generally, creating pages and adding content is very easy in WordPress. First of all, you need to create some regular pages like Home, Blog, About Us, Contact and Sample Pages etc.,

Just go to “Dash board -> Pages -> Add New”



After adding of content click on save a draft and check preview, if you are satisfied with the preview then click on publish.

The content published is not added into the menu even after publishing. So now you have to add these pages to the menu.


How to add pages to the menu?

  1. Go to Dashboard
  2. Click on Appearances -> Menus
  3. Under pages options, you will find pages what you created.
  4. Give name to your new menu like Main Menu, Footer Menu, Social Menu etc.,
  5. Select what you want to add into your menu and arrange it order wise with just drag & drop using cursor. If you drag any page to little right side it will come sub page under above page.
  6. In menu settings add this menu into primary menu or else like footer, left side, navigation etc., Don’t select auto to add pages.
  7. If you want to delete any page in the menu, just click on that page name; a scroll down menu appears, then click on remove(which is red in color).
  8. Finally after completing, just click to save the menu.




How to Add and Use Widgets in WordPress?

Widgets are used for adding extra features or functions into sidebars, footers etc., like popular posts, images, facebook like boxes, quotes, traffic count and other items.

Go to “Appearances -> Widget”

All widgets will available under available widgets. Widgets on your website are placed on the right-hand side. WordPress themes allocate the location of the widget in your site.




For deleting widget just click on widget what you decided to delete, then the delete option will show just click on that delete option, the widget will delete.

Changing Title and Tagline of your Site

You can find your site title and tagline available in “Settings -> General”

Page Title: The page title shows to searchers what your website is about, and this will help to improve search engine rankings, so as my suggestion must include a keyword in it.

Tagline: The end of the page it will add, My website tagline is “Creating a Standard”. It gives an over view of the website with fewer words.




WordPress Address (URL), Site Address (URL), Email Address, Membership, New User Default Role, Site Language, Timezone, Date Format, Time Format and Week Starts On, leave all these as default.

Comments approve and changes

For comments, you have to go to “Settings –> Discussions”



Disable comments on posts: Just untick on Allow comments. Mostly it’s used for business websites.

If you want to modify anything as for your requirement just modify it. such as days, displaying comments etc.

Static Front Page Setup: To create website in static page gives good impression

Generally, For set up a static front page you just Go to “Settings –> Reading”

A page that doesn’t change is called as a static page. A static page shows the same content every time someone opens the site. But, in blogs, we see that updated posts come first but in a static page, this does not occur.

Ex:  Like the home page you designed.

WordPress makes your home page dynamic by adding recent posts on your home page if static is not selected.



Blog pages show at most:  Minimum 5 posts are better to show.

Syndication feeds show the most recent: It is also 5  posts to show better.

For each article in a feed, show: Full text is better to tick.

Search Engine Visibility: Don’t tick it, if you tick your website can’t appear in search results.


Permalink Structure in WordPress:

Which permalink (URL) structure is the best?

Permalink is a very important aspect of SEO. It is a basic component required in create website. Permalink refers to a permanent link to your posts and pages, and it’s never changed. But, changes only when you edit it. By default WordPress gives permalink or URL structure like this:

Basically, the default URL is not SEO friendly. Most of the beginners will use these default permalinks. For this reason, they will fail to get good ranking in search engine.

Especially, in this video below a Google engineer Matt Cutts explains, How does URL structure affect PageRank?(create website)


Generally, you can find permalink structure in “Settings -> Permalinks”

As per my suggestion and many others, most of the webmaster’s favor/ preferred permalink structure in

Post name  –>

The above Permalink structure is the best and SEO friendly also.

Installing Plugins in WordPress

What is Plugin?

 Plugins are important to create website. The plugin is an extension, which contains extra features & functions. When a plugin is added to your blog or website it adds extra features and functions to increases the ease of usage.

Plugins will use for preparing photo galleries, making online stores, inserting different types of forms and attractive page designs etc.

How do I install a Plugin in WordPress?

For installing new plugins just go to  “Plugins –> Add New” and start searching.

WordPress providing 50,000+ free plugins. Search it depends on your requirement and install it.

How can I select the best plugin?

In order for selecting the best plugin, I recommend looking at the number of installations and rating before you choose to install. Also especially look for its last update and compatibility with your WordPress version.

Furthermore, Google will help you find reviews over plugins for your satisfaction. Even many forums have people who guide beginners.

BEST Plugins to Install:

Specifically, I mentioned a list of the most popular and best plugins that webmasters find useful:

Contact form7: Different types of contact forms are available in this plugin. Its one of the most popular and used plugins. Users can contact you using these form on your website. You usually find this form in about us / contact us page.

Yoast SEO: This plugin is compatible with WordPress. Yoast SEO helps in SEO corrections. This plugin helps in rectification of all SEO errors.

For Example, Keyword density, Meta description, Readability, and Headers etc.

In addition, The free version of the plugin has limited features. Conversely, the paid version contains many more features and also provides the best support.

Google Analytics:

It helps in tracking the users/ visitors that visit your website. And, By connecting this plugin to your google account you can run it whenever necessary.

Jet Pack: Jet Pack helps in backup and security purposes. It helps in automatic sharing of content on many social sites. It is one of the best plugin recommended by many users. Additionally, Jetpack also provides advanced security and site monetization,  backup services, video hosting, priority support, and more SEO tools in three simple and affordable plans.

Congratulations – Your Website is Live 🙂

In brief, Now you can create website on your own. You can implement the above knowledge to create website as many times as possible. Follow us to keep yourself updated to design website in a better ways.

Finally, I hope this article will help you to start a blog or create website. If you still have any doubts or questions feel free to comment below.

Don’t forget to Like & Share with your friends and colleagues :).

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