Digital Marketing Introduction and History : Learn from Beginning

Digital Marketing Introduction:

In Digital Marketing, digital means applying the culture, practices, process & technology of internet era to respond to people’s raised expectation.

In addition, Marketing process consists of leading the movement, promotion, modification, stability and growth of a product (or) brand. Marketing connects customer satisfaction, reasonable cost, trust and product stability.

Mostly people misunderstand Internet marketing as Digital marketing as they presume advertising of products/brands via only Internet as digital marketing.

The perfect meaning of Digital Marketing is to promote (or) advertise products / brands using Digital Technologies like Internet, social media, electronic devices (Digital display boards) and includes Mobiles, T.V’s and Radio channels.

What Is Digital Marketing-Tutorial Infinity

                                                                                                             What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Includes:

♦  Blogging
♦  Content Writing/Creation and Optimization
♦  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
♦  Social Media Optimization (SMO)
♦  Video Optimization
♦  Image Optimization
♦  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
♦  Social Media Marketing (SMM)
♦  Content Marketing
♦  Influence Marketing
♦  Campaign Marketing
♦  Data Driven Marketing
♦  E-Commerce Marketing
♦  Video Marketing
♦  Email Marketing
♦  Affiliate Marketing
♦  Digital Display Advertisements
♦  Optical Disks & Games
♦  E-Books | PDF’s | PPT’s
♦  Display Advertisements
♦  Online Reputation Management
♦  Non-Internet Channels: Mobile Phones (SMS, MMS, Call Backs and Ring Tones), T.V’s and Radios.

♦ Funnels & Landing Page

Milestones in History of Digital Marketing:

  • In Aug 1991 Sir Tim Berners-Lee firstly launched world’s 1st website  It’s still running healthily. Especially people are very enthusiastic to check popular things. If you are enthusiastic do check it once you feel good ;).

Digital Marketing-first-website-world

                                          First Website in the world

  • Basically  Internet usage firstly started in 1990’s.
  • In March 15th, 1985 the first domain name registered was as to Symbolics Inc. It’s a computer systems company at Cambridge, Mass. is not the first domain name.
  • But, The title of the first domain name goes to, a Scandinavian research collaboration, which created the domain on Jan. 1st, 1985.
  • On 3rd April 1973, Motorola introduced the first ever cell phone.
  • In my opinion the 1st Digital Marketer is Guglielmo Marconias, because he  invented Radio in 1894. As a result Radio is also a source of digital marketing.
  • In the year of 1971 Ray Tomlinson sent first E-Mail to himself.
  • Secondly, In 1971/72 ARPANET was used to arrange a cannabis sale b/w students at Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory & the Massachusetts Institute of Tech.
  • Likewise In 1979 Michael Aldrich updated the 1st Online Shopping system.
  • Willian J Tobin firstly started Affiliated Marketing and got patent rights in 1989. In fact, It was under the name PC flowers & Gifts affiliated to Prodigy Network.

In 1990’s:

  • To begin with in 1990 the 1st Search Engine named ARCHIE was created by Alan Emtage.

1st search-engine-digital-marketing-history

                                                    First Search Engine in Internet

  • Afterwards, In 1993 the 1st clickable web Ad banner came into existence. It’s a great revolution in digital Marketing. HotWired purchased the banner Ads on those website.
  • Subsequeently,Small Search Engines such as Alexa, Hot Bot & LookSmart tools etc., have come and got wiped out.

 Particularly, In 1994 Yahoo! search engine made their debut. People started searching the web  through Yahoo!.

 To increase  visitor frequency, market experts started relying on Search Engine Optimization       (SEO). Specifically visitors visiting and staying on the website which helps the website to  appear to on top of search engine results.

  • In 1994 the 1st Social Network site known as ” Geocities” established.
  • As well as on July. 5th, 1994, Jeff Bezos launched Amazon.
  • Subsequently in Oct. 13th ,1994 Mosaie Netscape cookie released their 1st cookie version 0.9 Beta. They first tested it on their website.
  • Six Degrees launched their 1st modern social network in the year of 1997.
  • In the year 1998,Tim and Eileen Barbes started the major Affiliate Networking Website ‘ClickBank’.
  • In 1998 A Internet company, now known as the World’s most popular Search Engine goes live. We all known it as Google. It’s outstanding milestone in history of Internet.

In 21st Century:

  • In Oct. 23rd 2000, Google launched the Adwords. It is Online Advertising service were advertisers can use it easily and it’s very user friendly.
  • In May. 27th 2003 A very easy, Drag and drop user friendly web platform, it is a dream of every blogger the WordPress was introduced as whose founders are Matt Mullenweg & Mike Little.
  • Feb. 4th 2004, Mark Zukerberg created the world’s most famous social media platform Facebook.
  • In Feb. 14th 2005, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley & Jawad Karim built the video-sharing website YouTube.
    * The 1st YouTube video was uploaded by the co-founder of YouTube Jawed Karim & the titled ” Me at the Zoo ” It can be viewed still on YouTube. * Later Google bought YouTube on 2006 Nov. 13th by US $ 1.65 billion*.
  • In 2007 David Karp founded a micro blogging & Social Networking website called Tumblr. 
  • Web 1.0 & Web 2.0 are main turning points in Internet World. 
  • In Nov. 20th 2001 Web 1.0 officially switches to web 2.0. 
  • Especially Web 3.0 3rd generation of World Wide Web the features are included in 3D simulations & High Revolution videos on portable Devices such as Phones/Tablets. 
  • Afterwards so many changes & new technologies came into Digital World such as LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Reddit, WhatsApp, Hike, SnapChat, Quora, Vine, Viber and QQ in China etc., 
  • Around 3000+ main Social Media websites are running now (Consider min three lakh users/month).

Recent and Future:

  • Recently Google (Orkut) relaunched the social media as “Hello”.  Most of the companies are also planning to launch new social media websites in the future.

My Experience as a Digital Marketer:

Entering into Digital Marketing:

Basically, I am a graduate in mechanical engineering. After completion of my graduation, I started searching for a job in my field but my interests were always on business. This lead me to start searching the net for earning some pocket money. So I started to search the internet for work from home as I did n’t had any initial investment. However the options on the net were unsatisfactory . Therefore I decided to join a mechanical company. While I was working for the company, I decided to do my post graduation.

During my hectic life between job holder and post graduation course, I tried my best to earn some pocket money. However, I lost my interest in my work. On the other hand my interest of starting my own business never faded from my thoughts.

After completion of my post graduation, I resigned from the job. Eventually I decided to start a business on my own which in fact made me peaceful. I tried for investors to start a business but couldn’t find any.

At last I was back at square one. I again took a serious look into my past endeavors and started searching the internet for a zero investment business. Then suddenly, I came across something we all know as “DIGITAL MARKETING”.

My failures in Digital Marketing:

Firstly I entered in this world through YouTube. I started making YouTube videos in spite of having no knowledge about it.  So it went in a rolling down hill ride, which was certainly a disappointment.

I wanted to know what went wrong!!! Then I came to know about the details of digital marketing. I understood a mentor needed to know about the tips, tricks and tactics used to be successful in this business. I became my own mentor and started collecting the data from the internet and some of my friends who were into this business.


As I was struggling to learn and understand the basics, I got an idea to share all my experiences and tips with everyone, with this purpose in mind to start this website. I WILL BE BRUTALLY HONEST WITH YOU AND SHARE ALL EXPERIENCES IN MY FUTURE POSTS. My posts will contain both theoretical and practical knowledge that I have gained during my experience.

During my struggle to reach my 1st goal of 100$, I had to struggle day in and day out. I never lost my hope because I believe success is in the next step. Especially it took me six months to reach my goal. So struggle hard and survive.  As a result I will help everyone through my website. I hope you will face less challenges.

If you follow my posts I will guarantee that you to reach your 1st earnings within three months of time.

I quote Yoda’s words from star wars, ” Do or Do not, But there is no Try”. Hence my friends hard work and persistence in the only way to success ;).

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