What Are Important things Before Doing Keyword Research?

What Are Important things Before Doing Keyword


There are some important things you need to have knowledge before doing keyword research. Keyword research has become an inescapable task for any webmaster/blogger. This post ponders and specifies the points to remember while doing a keyword search. The importance of keyword research is to promote your product/ service. In fact, your main aim of keyword research is to increase revenue returns through your product/service.

Evidently, this is generally achieved through the following:

  • product awareness
  • customer behavior through offline/online research
  • Increase your keyword research list
  • Content strategy
  • SEO Suggestions
  • Further analysis

Product Awareness During Keyword Research:

Initially, when a product or a service is launched; customers have no clue that there is a product/service exists to solve their particular problem. For instance, In the offline worlds, people use TV ads, banners, posters etc to create awareness of the product.

Likewise, the digital world also uses ads to promote their products/services. But, the process is quite different.

Apparently, ads in the digital world use keywords to get a better exposure to an interested audience.

Therefore, during keyword research; select Product/service specific keywords, which increases the probability of our content found on the search engine faster.

As a result, you as a marketer should know about different types of the keyword used in promoting your product/service. These are mentioned below:

  Generally, there are two types of keywords | keyword research:

  1. Product specific keywords
  2. Information specific keywords/ information keywords

Product specific keywords: These keywords target a specific product/service. Also, these keywords attract interested audience to buy that product or service on which the keyword is based.

Ex: “iPhone X price”  is a keyword which is product specific, and articles related to this keyword are generally displayed in the search result along with online shopping ads. Thus, promoters use such keywords to attract customers to sell their product.

Information keywords: These keywords tend to give information on any topic. Generally, these keywords have a lot of search volume and if you use this keyword you won’t get any conversions but in the process the traffic to your site increases.

You can Identify such kind of keywords using ” question words”, like where, how, why etc..

Ex: “iPhone X specifications” is one such keyword which shows a large number of search results related to it, such that you can compare, read reviews.

How to search for such kind of keywords? | Keyword Research

These are some points to search first to find best keywords:

  • Write a list of a product similar to your product.
  • Gather information about all the products similar to yours.
  • Search for keywords which are relevant to your product.
  • Lastly, double check your keyword research results in keyword planner to find the best keyword.

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Customer Behavior Through Offline/Online Research:

In the digital world customers and webmasters do not interact directly which leaves a huge gap between them. Thus, leading to less understanding of customer mindset and their choices.  But, for promoting your product you must know the intent of your customer. If you know the intent of your customer, you can choose keywords related to that particular search.

For Example, a Customer not only searches for the iPhone X price(from the previous example) but also searches for its specifications, reviews, and experiences just to buy the phone. Thus, when we intend to find keywords related to this search, we need to cover all the above topics to gain a wider perspective of the customer’s intent.

On the other hand, for suppose,”Facebook login” is a common keyword which has a good monthly valuable search, and the user intends to log in to Facebook using this keyword. Therefore, The user will never open your site because Google shows the Facebook link directly to a single result.

Increase your keyword research list:

Through a careful understanding of customer intent, you must focus your keyword research in that specific area. Additionally, you should do a thorough research on all the keywords which come up while the customer is searching for that specific area.


Let’s consider the hypothetical employee (Matt) who is complaining that “my co-worker is a real jerk, what can I do about it?”

How Matt goes around the information on this situation?  Matt, as we know, is not a content expert, nor does he view the world organizationally as the company’s corporate librarian does. What are the right search terms? Is it “dealing with jerks”?  In practice, Matt will probably start his search looking for information on Google. He will search iteratively until he finds it, or gives up.

There are really two parts to understanding human search behavior, the first is topically related in nature – what content is interesting to people? and secondly, how do they go about finding the information about their topic.

In fact, It turns out that the topic (difficult co-workers) is framed within two search phrases that return great search results and high-quality content. These phrases are:

  • Workplace Conflict
  • Conflict in the Workplace

Below are the top 20 searches by volume (From Google Adwords)

  1. Conflict in the workplace
  2. Resolving conflict in the workplace
  3. Dealing with conflict in the workplace
  4. Workplace conflict resource center
  5. Types of conflict in the workplace
  6. Workplace conflict Scenarios
  7. Conflict prevention in the workplace
  8. Sources of conflict in the workplace
  9. Cost of  workplace conflict
  10. Solving Workplace conflict
  11. Workplace conflict situations
  12. Examples of conflict in the workplace
  13. Workplace conflict video
  14. Workplace conflict solutions
  15. PPT conflict workplace
  16. Reasons For conflict in the workplace
  17. Workplace conflict resolution training
  18. Understanding conflict in the workplace
  19. Workplace conflict training
  20. Effects of  conflict in the workplace

Content Strategy before Keyword research:

While doing keyword research and finally gathering the list of keywords related to a single topic, we find ourselves at a tipping point on what our content focuses on, and what kind of keywords are effective to increase search results. This is explained through the example below.

Let’s go back to our hypothetical employer Matt, he is searching on how to resolve the issue at hand with his co-worker. According to statistical data, there is a keyword consistency on how people are conducting searches in the Adwords data set (200 search phrases that are searched ten million times a month). ).

In this analysis, we have identified six search behavior patterns. This knowledge suggests the following content creation strategy for Workplace Conflict. these are shown as in the figure below:


Firstly, when Matt searches for content on workplace conflict; he would either end up at a site which has content on all the above topics or just a single topic. Therefore, as a webmaster you should decide what kind of content you are going to post; Does it include all topics or a single topic. Thus, it helps you to use the keywords related to that particular topic.

Let’s say Matt found a web page titled Conflict in the Workplace, This page should have a tagline that includes the phrase Workplace Conflict. This page should be organized according to the themes identified above. The five major sections would be:

Dealing with workplace conflict

Kinds of workplace conflict

What causes workplace conflict

The cost of workplace conflict

Understanding and preventing workplace conflict

More content…

Finally, Matt may have found the solution on this page or moved on to a next site.

SEO Suggestions for keyword research:

SEO focuses on optimizing on-page keywords. Thus, it helps in locating off-page links to related topics using crawler efficiently. Moreover, It is necessary for you as a webmaster to understand the relation between SEO and keywords. It is your responsibility to select the best keyword for the content that you have chosen so that the search engine can easily find your web page. Below are some important observations:

  • Utilize long tail and LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. Long Tail keywords & LSI have a low amount of completion and it helps in improving the ranking of your web-page.

Further Analysis:

Lastly, you should find similar web-pages and research on how they used keywords to enhance their quality. Additionally, observe the usage of keywords in the title, URL, First paragraph, Sub-headings, Longtail Keywords, and Images.

Conclusively, select a keyword and research it on different keyword research tools to get better ideas.

I hope this post helped you a lot. If you have any doubts or questions. Let me know in the comment section.

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4 thoughts on “What Are Important things Before Doing Keyword Research?

  • I still have a question that how can we find out avg monthly searches for a keyword from a specific country?
    Google keyword planner shows global estimated searches but I want to know monthly search volume for a specific country. How can I do that?

  • I totally agree with the LSI and long tail keywords. I would consider “less competition” as a second priority. I think the first priority to use long tail keywords because users find the accurate data while searching on the search engines. This reduces the bounce rate and keeps engaging visitors more time.

    In nutshell, It drives less traffic but quality traffic.

    Thanks for explaining how to search keywords and put more emphasis on the LSI.

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