How To Make Money From Blog For Beginners Like a Professional

How To Make Money From Blog For Beginners Like a



How to make money blogging !!! Most of the people are still confusing themselves about, How to earn money from blogging? Apparently, many of us have these questions rising in our minds. Will I earn money from a blog? How much will I make money blogging? How to earn from a blog?

Suppose if I start blogging now, how many days will take me to my get 1st income?  These are the common doubts that arise in everyone’s mind. Especially those who are thinking to start blog or beginners.

Most of the people don’t believe in earning money through blogging, they treat it as a joke.

For instance, on the other day, when I just was sharing with your friends, colleagues and family members saying “I will leave my job to start & make money from a blog. They smiled politely and asked, “Does anybody really earn money from a blog?”. According to them, blogging isn’t a career. But I knew very well that my sincere devotion to blogging can turn it into a career.

However, many people just start blogging as a hobby and then they convert to full-time bloggers. But it’s all is an old formula, Now a day’s many people are choosing to blog as a serious career. Even college students and school students are earning money from blogs. In fact, housewives have started blogging to earn some pocket money.

Moreover, the world is moving towards a faster technological era and smartphones have become a part of our daily lives. Thus, even a common man knows enough knowledge to survive without getting fooled. This is all because of the information on the World Wide Web. In fact, every process and information goes through the internet, making it as the ruler of our world. Every piece of information is available at our fingertips because of the internet.

As a matter of fact, we 17 years into the 21st century and blogging have become one of the most profitable professions. Additionally, When we look into the past decade or two, we can find many people who have turned billionaires through blogging and digital marketing in a short span of time. Some noted billionaires are Mark Zuckerberg(Facebook), Andrew Mason (Groupon), Jack Ma (  etc.

How can I start to make money blogging? How can I start making money from a blog?

Here, I will explain step by step how to make money from your blog:

1.  Set up your blog

2.  Write useful content that gets lots of traffic

3.  Convert visitors into email subscribers

4.  Concentrate on social media

5.  Create various ways to make money

1. Set up your blog

First of all, you have to create a blog. When you are thinking about starting a blog; Choose WordPress platform. Then you need to know these 10 things before starting a website.

Select Best & Cheapest Hosting While Creating a New Blog

After starting a blog, do not expect money quickly and most probably your earnings won’t start immediately. Big things always take time. That estimated time depends on your traffic towards your blog and the number of good quality posted your blog contains. Eventually, when your blog has good traffic you can apply for Google AdSense. After getting an approval from Google AdSense, ads will show up on your blog. Then your earnings will start. (This is the basic one). There are also other ways for earning money with blogging. I am explaining them down below.

How Adsense calculate your blog earnings, How much will you earn for 1000 visits?

2. Write useful content that gets lots of traffic

Content always plays a major role in any website. In other words, content is King for any blog and without content, your blog cannot survive. Don’t copy content from other blogs or websites that may affect your quality and standards of your blog. You may also have copyright issues while coping from other blogs or sites.

Therefore, always select your own content related to your chosen topic for which you have created the blog.  Your content on that particular topic will always attract users. The content you post on your blog should be likable. Slowly, people will start trusting your blog; when your content is likable and trustworthy and is clean to understand. Trust and likability are most important to make money from a blog.

3. Convert visitors into email subscribers 

Trustworthy, informative & useful content will help you convert visitors into email subscribers.

Moreover, if your blog has good and interesting content which should make visitors acknowledge the usefulness of your blog. This will encourage them to subscribe to your blog.

Eventually, This will increase traffic to your blog.

4. Concentrate on social media to make money blogging: 

We all know, now a day’s social media is a powerful tool for making something famous overnight. As a matter of fact, in digital marketing – it is essential for getting traffic, shares, and bookmarking. All of the above have large effects on SEO ranking.

Initially, when you are starting blog or website, social media helps you to get visitors. In fact, the majority of the bloggers are acquiring visitors from social media. It affects the online reputation of your brand.

In any case, my suggestion to you all is before starting a blog or website you must create all social media profiles. Then join in some groups related to your topic. After that publish some posts related to your topic or niche of the blog. Similarly, share these posts in different groups.

Likewise, share your every blog post on all social media platforms. Don’t neglect social media and keep concentrating on all major social media platforms.

5. Create various ways to make money blogging:

i. Earn from Advertising Programs:

Advertising is the best way to earn money from blogs. Each & every blogger may choose any one of the advertising programs available on the internet.  Since it is a best static way to earning money. Your earns depend on traffic created on your blog. Almost 99% of bloggers choose the most and very popular advertising program Google Adsense.

It offers various opportunities like text Ads, display Ads, pay-per-click and video advertising etc, Definitely, you can make money blogging using this.

Other than Adsense, there are many different advertising platforms are available. Top and Best Google Adsense alternatives.

 ii. Earn From Affiliate Program:

As per the recent survey, affiliate promotion is the main source of earning more money from a blog. Basically, the majority of bloggers are receiving their highest earnings through affiliate promotions only.

Generally, Affiliate Marketing is when you recommend service or product to users using special tracking links. If they buy through your link you will get referral commission.

In addition, If you are thinking about promoting products it is best to choose products depending upon your blog niche. Start affiliate marketing with these majorly trusted brands like:

  • Amazon
  • Click Bank
  • Commission Junction
  • Share A Sale

iii. Sell Your Own Product:

Selling own products is a better way to earn money through blogging. Moreover, you are not getting any issues like payment and commission, while selling own products. In fact, It will help you create your own future brand.

There are many products to sell as your own. Below I will explain some own product types.

  • Sell your E-Books
  • Your own plugins or Themes
  • Clothing’s
  • Create Logos & Sell
  • Health Products
  • Sell Online Tutorials
  • Teach Online Classes or Online Training
  • Host a Webinar on trending topics.

iv. Sell Guest Posting Services to make money blogging:

Generally, guest posting suggests that guest content can be posted on a blog that accepts guest posting services. Additionally, you are allowed to give backlinks to the guest content to your blog to increase your traffic and authority.

Guest posting is one of the other main resources for bloggers to make money blogging. Most of the bloggers are accepting guest posts in their blogs.

Additionally, the blogger is getting free quality content. Make your guest posing services as a paid service

Nowadays most of the beginners are using guest posting services for improving their blog quality and traffic.

You can find these services “who are looking for a guest post in your blog” in Facebook groups and on many other websites. Such as, etc.

v. Make Money Blogging With Sell Ad Space and Direct Ads:

You can make money blogging using selling ads on your blog. It’s a good for small blogs to earn money.

Generally, advertisers don’t want to work directly with each blog. Most importantly, your blog should have good traffic and should have advertiser-friendly content.

The best websites for providing direct ads are BuySellAds, Federated Media, and BuyAds etc. And most of the bloggers are using these partners for selling direct ads.

Overall, I would highly recommend using an outside platform to add revenue, at least until you obtain big enough to bring it in-house.  It’s worth noting that many of the great blog sites also use these tools like Mashable uses Federated Media, Pando uses, TechCrunch uses BuyAds

vi. Freelancing Services:

As a blogger (Digital Marketer); if you have some special expert skills in your stream, then you can start offering your special skills as a freelancer.

Freelancing is a popular way to make money online. And it does not require any investment. You can just start offering your services to your audience.

Once you start freelancing, you will earn money after submitting your work. We recommend and as the best freelancing platforms.

Generally, and will charge some amount for providing freelance services. But from Facebook, you can contact the customer directly without any charges. Join facebook freelancing groups to find freelancing jobs, as they help you to contact your clients without any mediator.

Moreover, people are using Facebook communities as freelancing platforms. And some of them are managing their business using these freelancing services. For small industries or business, this is the best opportunity for finding projects and leads.

 vii. From Flipping Websites:

Flipping is another best method for making money from blog/website. Blog flipping is the process of selling and buying domains/blogs/websites. Basically, you should buy any blog at a low price and then sell it at a higher price.

There are two simple ways in Blog Flipping. You can either buy an existing web property and develop it to next level, and then sell it at a higher price or create a new Blog from scratch, and once you build authority, traffic, and money, you can sell it.

viii. Make Money Blogging By Running Events:

Event Blogging has become one of the most popular ways to earn cash. There are many bloggers who work in event blogging. Event blogging generates a high income within two or three days.

Event-based niche blogs focus on upcoming festivals, events or special day. Basically, event blogging is mainly all about taking the advantage of huge traffic on target events in short time. It is not a Long-term blog you just have to work only for 30 to 40 days.

In recent days this is the best way, many digital marketers running various types of events. From those events, they can get huge money and also leads in a short time.

ix. Earn from writing Reviews to make money blogging:

Earn from reviews is another opportunity for making money from a blog. Contact any product or service provider then explain about your site and benefits about writing review of their products and fix some price.

Contrarily, some websites offer review writing on their products directly. In fact, you can go visit websites and pick any product, then write a review of that product on your blog. As per my opinion, these following websites for bloggers to write reviews.

  • User Testing
  • Review Me
  • Link From Blog
  • Pay Per Cost
  • Sponsored Reviews
  • Blogsvertise

Write a good and attractive review on a product or about any service. That product or service must have affiliate commission. In that review you will mention your affiliate links, If any sales get through those links then you get your commission.

x. Make Money From a Blog With Selling Backlinks:

While selling backlinks, the amount of money you will make depends on some factors like traffic, rank, and how many backlinks you sell. Actually, if your blog has a higher quality then you can make good amount selling backlinks.

Basically, selling backlinks is very easy. In fact, there are many websites available for selling backlinks. But the is a trusted and genuine website among all. Start your earnings with selling backlinks on your blog using

xi. Ask for Donations to make money blogging:

Last but not least make money blogging asking Donation. If someone likes your contributions and passion on your website they will defiantly donate.

As a matter of fact, most of CC0 websites have a donation button. Since many people are using their products freely. For instance, free stock images websites provide free images. If a user gets profits due to these images then he/she will definitely donate to the site that provided him/her with such images.

Finally, I hope this article will help you to make money blogging. If you still have any doubts or questions feel free to comment below.

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