WordPress Features & Why WP is so Popular?

Word Press Features

Knowing about WordPress features will help you understand why WordPress is so popular and why everyone prefers it to create a website or blog.  

Topics / Modules include in this course.

WordPress: (What is WordPress?)

Most of the people known about WordPress, but some people even don’t know the minimum basics as they are new to this field. I will try to explain everything in simple terms keeping everyone in mind. This post will help you get a brief idea on what WordPress is all about.

WordPress is a website or blog creation tool and (CMS) Content Management System totally developed in PHP & MySql (source code is written in PHP).

It’s an open source software. We can edit the code as per our requirements.

It uses drag and drops technique &  highly user-friendly. WordPress is easily understandable to beginners.

It is the most powerful blogging and website content management system (CMS) software.

WordPress features, Why WordPress is so Popular

WordPress Features: Why is WordPress so popular? 

Because of its user-friendly and drag & drop themes customization as well as plugins. And, Plenty of these themes and plugins are available freely and as well as paid.

Moreover, Here we can develop our own themes and plugins depending on our essential features. Consecutively, WordPress code is user-friendly and editing is convenient. In addition, We can modify it for commercial projects without any license fee. Hence, That is the beauty of this free software (WordPress). In other words, Free means not only price but also the independence to have complete control over the software. In short, we can say the functionality of WordPress is limitless.

 Wordpress Features:

  • Drag and drop (Newbies can easily understand without having any knowledge).
  • Very less time consuming when designing of website comparing to other tools.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly, very protective and powerful.
  • SEO, Mobile, and Content friendly & Responsive design.
  • Easily backup total site by using plugins within minutes.
  • Fast and friendly support.
  • More than 50,000 plugins and 6000 themes are available.
  • Almost 75 million sites are built on WordPress.
  • Among all sites,3% of websites are running on WP.
  • Average up time is 99.9953%.
  • It is available for free.
  • And the main thing is plenty of people to help you to out of the problem.


In addition, WP consists of many features & you will get bored while reading it here. You will know everything on your own as you practice.

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